Guidelines for authors
Please get acquainted with, and follow, the guidelines given below so that you can prepare and submit your article in a correct way.

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  1. Preparation of the article structure
    The main guidelines regarding the construction of the article structure have been given below. Please also read the information contained in the "Reviewing procedure" tab, to prepare an article for publication correctly. We encourage all those whom it may concern to get acquainted with the details related to this subject and given in an EASE document entitled “Guidelines for Authors and Translators of Scientific Articles to be Published in English”. The guidelines have been translated into 28 languages and all the language versions are available from

    1. Title
      The title should reflect the content and purpose of the article and be as concise, specific, and clear as possible (it should not contain abbreviations); it should not have the form of a question.

    2. Authors’ names
      Full names and surnames of all the authors should be specified.

    3. Affiliation
      The affiliation should be defined by specifying the places of employment of all the authors and an e-mail address of at least one of them.

    4. Abstract
      The abstract should consist of 150 to 300 words and briefly present the article content. It is important that it should specify the work objective, research method, major findings, and conclusions emerging from the research having been carried out. It should not refer to tables or graphs; it should not include citations, either.

    5. Keywords
      The article should be provided with 3 to 5 keywords (from whole to the part).

    6. Article body
      The text should be divided into sections (numbered) and should include introduction, description of research methods, research results with discussion, as well as recapitulation and conclusions. The illustrations should be placed in the text and, additionally, submitted as separate files in bitmap formats (such as JPEG, GIF, TIFF, etc.), in 300 dpi resolution.

    7. Acknowledgements
      The acknowledgements should include information about the financial contribution of external sponsors to the research carried out.

    8. References
      The list of references should be arranged in alphabetical order according to authors’ surnames and the citations in the text should be provided with reference numbers in square brackets.

  2. Article formatting
    The article should be formatted in compliance with Editorial Team’s guidelines defined in the file.

  3. Translation
    Please submit article texts written in British English, BE.

  4. Article publication fees
    No fees related to the publication of an article in our scientific quarterly will be charged to the authors.

  5. Submission of an article
    Only original scientific articles written in British English, BE will be accepted for publishing. The submission should be made online through journal’s website. To submit an article, please click on the icon “Submit your paper” and follow the system instructions displayed. Attached word files should contained personal data of the Author (name, surname and affiliation). In case of problems, please contact the Editorial Team.

  6. Publication of an article
    The article will be published in our quarterly after successful completion of the peer review process (where three separate reviews will be prepared) and introduction of any contents-related, linguistic, and stylistic corrections, if signalized by the reviewers and/or the linguistic editor. The Editorial Team reserve the right to shorten and adjust the texts with authors’ approval.

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