An evaluation of temperature influence on natural frequency of selected frictional elements of braking system
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BOSMAL Automotive Research & Development Institute Ltd
Publication date: 2015-12-20
The Archives of Automotive Engineering – Archiwum Motoryzacji 2013;62(4)
In this study the temperature influence on the natural frequency of car brake drums is presented. Brake drums were tested with the determination of natural frequencies at chosen temperatures up to 500°C with modal analysis. The drums were excited by an impulse provided by a modal hammer, and then the sound response was measured with microphones. The test method, type of modal analysis used and the test stand are presented. Important theoretical issues for the article such as the natural frequency parameter and the transfer function description are adduced and then the practical application in a brake drums survey was visualized. Based on the measurements, the influence of temperature on the natural frequency of tested brake drums are presented. An acoustic response FRF plot was illustrated for one of the chosen drums. Two methods were used during the brake heating: a temperature increase method and a temperature decrease method. The results are shown in tables and plots with the influence shown on a percentage scale.
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