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“The Archives of Automotive Engineering – Archiwum Motoryzacji” is a scientific journal existing in the Polish publishing market since 1996. For over 20 years, it has been invariably engaged in publishing scientific articles dealing with a wide range of issues related to motorization and automotive engineering, in the broadest sense of these words. From the 2/2013 issue, the quarterly was also published on the website. However, since the 4/2018 issue, the journal has only been available online.

All the articles are peer-reviewed and published on the “Open Access” basis on journal’s webpage.

The journal deals with topics related to the following areas:
  • motorization and automotive engineering;
  • mechanics, construction, and operation of automotive vehicles;
  • road transport and logistics;
  • road traffic safety;
  • conventional and alternative fuels;
  • environmental protection in transport;
  • electromobility;
  • autonomous vehicles;
  • hybrid and electric vehicles.

We make every effort to reach the widest possible circles of readers and to disseminate the articles published; therefore, our quarterly is indexed in:


Information about the Journal
eISSN: 2084-476X
DOI Prefix: 10.14669
Frequency of issues: quarterly (new issue is published no later than on the 15th day of every quarter)
Publishing language: English
Original version electronic
Open Access Policy: We ensure open access to the articles, which are also published in full on journal’s webpage. In our opinion, open access in science conduces to the global exchange of knowledge.
Acceptance rate (2022): 34,48%
Acceptance rate for the past 5 years: 47,27%
Number of points for publications: 20
Declaration of availability
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