Experimental researches of safety of armoured personnel carrier crew during collision with obstacle
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Military University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engeenering
Publication date: 2013-07-19
The Archives of Automotive Engineering – Archiwum Motoryzacji 2013;61(3):3-12
The paper presents problems related to dynamic loads of armoured personnel carriers design as well as soldiers located inside them. In order to assess the exposure of soldiers while overcoming terrain and engineering obstacles experimental studies were performed covering a carrier's collision with a concrete obstacle. The scope of the tests included a collision of the armoured personnel carrier with obstacle for two speeds: 6 and 12 km/h. During crash tests, anthropomorphic measurement equipment - Hybrid III 50th Male Dummy type - was used for recording the values of loads affecting the soldiers. During crash tests, two fast video cameras were used for recording motion of the carrier and obstacle's plates. The vehicle body accelerations were recorded as well. ln the paper the research conditions and used measurement equipment were described. Same results of experimental studies were presented. Typical phases of motions of dummies located in driving and landing troop compartment were presented. The values of the carrier's body accelerations in driving and landing troop compartment were compared, displacements of barrier's segments were described. Obtained results indicated that carrier's driver is subjected to higher loads. During crash test at law velocities, the limit values were not exceeded in any analysed case.
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