To determine the maneuverability of three-link road trains type “B-triple” with steered axles of semi-trailers dollies
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Department of Automobiles and Automotive industry, National university of water and environmental engineering, Ukraine
Automobiles, National transport university, Ukraine
Faculty of transport and mechanical engineering, Lutsk national technical university, Ukraine
These authors had equal contribution to this work
Submission date: 2024-04-25
Final revision date: 2024-06-03
Acceptance date: 2024-06-06
Publication date: 2024-06-26
Corresponding author
Roman Marchuk   

Department of Automobiles and Automotive industry, National university of water and environmental engineering, Rivne, Ukraine
The Archives of Automotive Engineering – Archiwum Motoryzacji 2024;104(2):97-111
In recent years, the development of container transportation served as a powerful impetus for increasing the length of vehicles, especially road trains, which is due to a number of advantages regarding the transportation of large-sized freight in a container. Today, the whole range of containers is transported by two-link road trains consisting of a tractor vehicle and semi-trailer. The efficiency of such transportation can be increased by means of three-link road trains capable of transporting either three (two 20-foot and one 40- or 45-foot) or four 20-foot containers. This organization of transportation will lead to energy savings and a reduction in environmental pollution due to the reduction of vehicles. However, there is a problem with the maneuverability and stability of such vehicles. The paper developed a kinematic model of three-link road train type “B-triple” with steered axles (front or rear) of semi-trailer dolly with a dual drive control for these axles. Based on folding angles of road train links and drive control transmission ratios of the axles of semi-trailer dolly, the main indicators of road train maneuverability are determined – road train links trajectories displacement relative to the vehicle trajectory and road train overall traffic lane. It was established that when entering a turn with slight differences in folding angles of road train links, the steered axles of semi-trailer dolly turn in the direction opposite to the direction of a turn, thereby reducing the overall traffic lane. During circular motion, the overall traffic lane of road train with steered semi-trailers decreased by almost 2 m, but such road train does not meet the maneuverability requirements. The search for ways to improve the maneuverability of three-link road trains should be sought in the designs of three-link road trains.
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