Problems of dust removal from multi-cyclones of engine air cleaners in cross-country motor vehicles
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Military University of Technology, Institute of Motor Vehicles and Transport
Publication date: 2017-06-30
The Archives of Automotive Engineering – Archiwum Motoryzacji 2017;76(2)
The organization of the process of extracting dust (by suction) from inertial intake air cleaners of internal combustion (IC) engines of motor vehicles has been discussed. The ejector configurations used in the dust removal systems have been demonstrated. Examples of contaminant extraction systems based on the ejection effect have been presented. The notion of dust suction ratio has been defined. The impact of this ratio on the filter restriction and air filtration efficiency characteristics of individual cyclones has been analysed. The impact of the dust extraction from the dust settling chamber of an inertial air cleaner (multi-cyclone) on the filtration efficiency has been explained. The impact of the dust extraction from the dust settling chamber on the unevenness of dust suction from individual cyclones of a multi-cyclone has been analysed and the reasons for the unevenness have been shown. The analysis results visualizing the impact of the unevenness of suction on the filtration efficiency of a multi-cyclone combined with a nonwoven fabric filter element have been quoted. The methods aimed at the obtaining of relatively even flow rates of the streams sucked off from individual cyclones have been analysed. It has been shown that even flow rates of the suction streams flowing out from individual cyclones can be obtained by appropriately modifying the structure of the multi-cyclone’s dust settling chamber.
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