Simulation testing of two ways of disturbing the motion of a motor vehicle entering a skid pad as used for tests at Driver
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Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Transport
Publication date: 2016-06-30
The Archives of Automotive Engineering – Archiwum Motoryzacji 2016;72(2)
The paper concerns digital simulation of a disturbance caused to vehicle motion during tests carried out with the use of a skid pad, i.e. a test facility normally operated at Driver Improvement Centres (DIC). The disturbance is induced with the use of a dynamic “kick plate”, which is a mandatory element of the equipment of “driving technique improvement centres of the higher degree”, pursuant to the Regulation of the Polish Minister of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy of 16 January 2013 on the improving of driving techniques. The disturbance caused by a lateral displacement of the kick plate (relative to the vehicle path) forces the driver to undertake defensive manoeuvres such as turning the steering wheel, braking, or accelerating, separately or in combinations. This paper is a continuation of a previous author’s publication, where the modelling and assessment of tests with the disturbing of motion of the rear vehicle axle have been dealt with. Now, the effects of disturbing the motion of wheels of the front and rear vehicle axle have been compared with each other. The simulation results, showing the scale of the disturbance to vehicle motion to which the driver being trained must respond, have been included.
Modelling of the system “driver - automation - autonomous vehicle - road”
Grzegorz Koralewski
Open Engineering
Analysis of the lateral dynamics of a vehicle and driver model running straight ahead
Rossa Della, Gianpiero Mastinu
Nonlinear Dynamics
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