The ability of recuperation the energy accumulated in shock absorber during braking
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Lodz University of Technology
Publication date: 2014-10-20
The Archives of Automotive Engineering – Archiwum Motoryzacji 2014;65(3):29-35
During braking, car wheels are loaded by stochastic vertical inputs from road roughness and during ABS operation or pulse - braking additionally by quasi periodic inertia forces. Movable masses of such car can mate with an electromagnetic shock absorbers with possibility of recuperation for energy of vibrations, changing it into the useful electric power. Main parts of the shock absorber are the cylinder with the set of coils and the rod with a set of permanent magnets. Current generated in coils can be supplied into battery. Dimensions of the shock absorber allow to use it in the typical automobile. The scheme of the shock absorber and the model of moving masses of car have been shown in the article. It has been analyzed dynamic parameters of the shock absorber during car braking in specified road conditions. The aim of the study has been to estimate and to compare the amount of recuperated energy by the electromagnetic shock absorber, for three modes of car braking. It has been found, that although braking process doesn’t influence the amount of dissipated energy in the shock absorber significantly, the operation of the ABS system allows to dissipate the lowest one during braking.
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