Efficiency tests of the continuously variable chain transmission of hybrid driving system for a passenger car
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Lodz University of Technology
Publication date: 2018-03-30
The Archives of Automotive Engineering – Archiwum Motoryzacji 2018;79(1):53–64
The article presents a research stand, a way of conducting and results of loss tests and prototype efficiency of a continuously variable chain transmission, which is to be used in a prototype hybrid drive system. This transmission is to serve as a continuous module connecting the secondary energy source - flywheel and combustion engine with vehicle wheels. In addition, the article presents the idea of ​​a prototype drive system with an explanation of the operation. In the proposed solution of the drive system, the efficiency of the continuously variable transmission is crucial both when transferring power to the drive wheels from the combustion engine and from the energy accumulator, as well as from the wheels to the energy accumulator. The tests have shown that in the area of ​​transmission of small loads, the efficiency of the transmission decreases, even though the losses increase with the increase of the transferred load. In addition, the tested transmission is characterized by greater efficiency when working in the reducer mode than the speed multiplier. The existence of the transmission's working area has been noticed and explained, where its mechanical losses are covered by the power supply from both directions.
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