Macroscopic model of energy demand to overcome road grade resistance of vehicle motion
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Poznan University of Technology
Publish date: 2018-09-28
The Archives of Automotive Engineering – Archiwum Motoryzacji 2018;81(3)
The article discusses the problems of modeling of energy requirements to overcome grade resistance in vehicle motion in macroscopic scale simulations. Authors describe ways of modeling this requirement with the use of forward and backward facing models in microscopic simulations. The data limitation problem is defined, i.e. data only available in sparse values, describing only altitude of nodes between sections at length of several dozen to several hundred meters. Authors propose to use potential energy change as basic approximation of energy demand to overcome grade resistance and show estimated impact of motor and inverter efficiency on electric energy consumption. More accurate model is proposed based on additional road section parameter – hypothetical road peak. Based on carried out verification with an example of route and speed profile, significant improvement of energy estimation made with the three-parameter section altitude description is shown.