Shock absorber efficiency measurement impact of tyres types and pressure
Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Department of Automobile Transport
Automotive Industry Institute (PIMOT)
Data publikacji: 25-08-2014
The Archives of Automotive Engineering – Archiwum Motoryzacji 2014;64(2):27–36
The paper offers analysis of the effect of different types of tyres and tyre inflation pressure on the measurements of shock-absorber efficiency. Testing was carried out in accordance with the EUSAMA method for testing shock-absorbers’ efficiency using test stand “Safeline 400/800”. Literature review presents a survey of the most up-to-date studies regarding the topic under consideration in this particular paper. For the purpose of research, heavily used summer tyres and slightly worn winter tyres were selected. The effect of air pressure in tyres (varied in range of [1.6 … 3.0] bar) on the variation of shock-absorber efficiency has been assessed. The correlation between vibration inducing platform and vertical acceleration of the wheel has been examined. Findings obtained through research are depicted graphically. Results about shock absorbers efficiency variation because of the tyres types and pressure and wheel’s replication of the vertical acceleration of the vibrating test plate are summarized and conclusions are drawn at the end.
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