Analysis of the selection of a child seat
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Szarlejka, ul. Łukaszewicza 172, 42-130 Wręczyca Wielka,, Ł.KARWALA Spółka Komandytowa,
The Archives of Automotive Engineering – Archiwum Motoryzacji 2023;101(3):86-95
The selection of a child seat is not an easy task for future parents. Information about child seats, assembly methods, usability and prices affect the purchasing preferences of parents or legal guardians of children. The article contains information about the factors to pay attention to when buying a child seat. The main purpose of the article is to analyze and evaluate information on the selection of a vehicle seat for the right passenger vehicle and child. The article discusses information about the ADAC child seat crash test and the plus test, which are mainly performed for rear-facing child seats.The article presents information on groups of child seats and the method of their installation in a passenger vehicle. The purchasing predispositions of parents and legal guardians in terms of the selection of a child seat were also described. It should be noted that most respondents pay attention to the level of safety of child seats than to their price.
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Impact of Consumer Value on the Selection of a Safe Child Seat
Damian Frej, Paweł Grabski
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